Business Growth Coordinator


A mix of work from the office and work from home. Anticipate 2.5 days per week initially, with 1 day spent in the office.
This role is very flexible – the role can be tailored to a parent with children in day-care/school. A lot of opportunity to increase compensation and continue growing with the position and company over time.
Location: Bowral, NSW.
Type: Contract – part time.
Compensation: Contract – hourly rate.


Scale Up Growth Partners is an Australian business coaching firm that helps companies to confidently and profitably grow faster. We help CEOs, business owners and Senior Executives 10X their business through 3 different business growth and leadership programs.

We are a small but dynamic team launching to a new growth phase of the business.

Our approach is unique. We teach and coach the 10X Business Growth Blueprint which comprises 6 Pillars – Strategy, Leadership, Team & Culture, Execution, Cash & Profit and 10X CEO Effectiveness.

“What stands us apart from other CEO Coaching & Mentoring groups is our growth curriculum”. CEOs need a path to real development break-through and high performance.

We facilitate the development of the One Page Strategic Plan; identify annual and quarterly priorities; create a systematic process to execute the priorities; and develop a culture of purpose, alignment and accountability – and have fun doing it!

At our core, we are a MINDSHIFT business.


Our Core Purpose

Grow Remarkable – helping Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Leaders Scale Themselves So They Can Scale Their Companies!

Our Values: What Makes Us Who We Are

These are the values that guide our business and our brand. As our company continues to evolve and grow, these six values remain constant.

They guide what we do, why we create and who we hire.

  1. We deliver what we promise.
  2. We are Open and Vulnerable.
  3. We Show Respect for Everyone.
  4. Grow Big, but Act Small.
  5. Forever Learning.
  6. Enjoy the ride.



Working and directly reporting to the CEO, you will be focussed on the following areas:

Business Development

  • The Business Growth Coordinator is responsible for getting qualified business owners to attend a Complimentary Coaching Call with the CEO. Most leads are produced via marketing funnels and other business generation activities. At least 40% of your time should be focused here.
  • You will manage and drive the sales cycle and follow-up process, which will include creating and maintaining a database of prospects and clients as well as follow-up communications with prospects and clients.
  • Actively leading/taking prospects through our 13-step sales and follow-up process to come onboard as a client.
  • Tracking activity levels/conversion rates & submit Activity Points tracker weekly.
  • Keeping accurate records of KPIs and maintaining client databases via the CRM system.
  • Lots of follow up emails, texts and communications will be required. You should be comfortable recording short video messages (as they work great for follow-up).

Client Management

  • Creating and managing a system that tracks our clients’ progress, activity, communications, etc.
  • Client and Event Schedule management (2-3 months forward).
  • Set up new clients in CRM.
  • Regularly conduct NPS of clients and request testimonials, to garner ‘referrals’ for new members, and increasing retention of members.

Event Coordination & PR

  • Research, organise, and coordinate quarterly workshops/events we run (online and face-to-face).
  • Outreach to publications, associations, and blogs to get our founder on podcasts and find article writing opportunities for him (we will provide you the scripts and templates on what to send, etc).

Management Systems

  • Developing, organising, and managing systems and processes to run a smooth business.
  • Track and update our business’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) & Compilation of all analytics into dashboards and reporting on a weekly basis.
  • Completion of the Business Manual and Standard Operating Procedures.


  1. You must be extremely People, Detail and Service-Oriented. An excellent communicator that always responds quickly and does what you say you will do.
  2. You are a Self-Starter, Self-Reliant and have strong Time (Self) Mastery. You are Ownership/ Accountability/Commitment Minded – you will “do whatever it takes”.
  3. You understand the sales process and can apply the art of selling.
  4. You are excited at the idea of working in a fast moving and dynamic environment
  5. You love networking and building relationships, are an engaging conversationalist, and great at building rapport.
  6. You should love systems and organisation. You’re the kind of person that knows everyone’s birthdays and never fails to send them well wishes.
  7. You should be very comfortable with Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Google Apps, Gmail, Project Management, CRM tools, etc.
  8. We are ONLY looking for someone who is thinking long-term. We value honesty, loyalty, commitment, and dedication for the long-term and want someone who is excited about growing into a role that ultimately has you leading the management of many aspects of the business.


If you believe you’re a great fit for this role and are interested in learning more, please send us an email addressing:

  1. Why you feel you’d be a great fit for this role?
  2. What appeals most to you about this role?
  3. What most interests you about Scale Up Growth Partners?
  4. Your resume and past work experience (references will be required).
  5. Be sure to use the subject line “Business Growth Coordinator”, and send it to:

Scale Up Growth is the No. 1 business coaching program

Scale Up Growth is often featured in the news as it continues it’s quest to become the most popular business advisory training program in the world. Read about us below.

How we do it - Scale Up Growth’s approach is unique

We teach and coach the 10X Business Growth Blueprint which comprises 6 Pillars – Strategy, Leadership, Team & Culture, Execution, Cash & Profit and 10X CEO Effectiveness.

The 10X Business Growth Blueprint incorporates the frameworks, methods and simple real-world tools of the great business minds, including Jim Collins, Scaling Up (Verne Harnish), EOS, Topgrading (Brad Smart), Five Dysfunctions of a Team (Patrick Lencioni), Outthink the Competition (Kaihan Krippendorff), and others to 10x the knowledge of your leaders to increase the profitability of your company.

“What stands us apart from other CEO Coaching & Mentoring groups is our growth curriculum”. CEOs need a path to real development breakthrough and high performance.

We work with big and small companies across all industries

What our CEO clients are saying

  • Jonathan has delivered tremendous value in a short period of time to my business. He has years of practical experience in the tools and frameworks that he coaches. This combined with his enthusiasm and commitment make him a valued long-term strategic partner.
    Lachy Gray
    Co-founder & Head of Product, Yarno
  • Jonathan and Scaling Up Advisers added real value to our company by quickly aligning our team toward a real agreed purpose and helped us to refine our long term goals. Critical for My Local Foodie he gave us the tools to uncover and focus on our imperative quarterly priorities to enable us to gain the momentum we need to grow.
    Glen Harris
    General Manager, My Local Foodie
  • Our team has never been more aligned and focused – after just one workshop with Jonathan
    Sam Aloschi
    Head of Site, Coles Retail Ready Operations Australia
  • Jonathan is forward-thinking, intrepid and has a willingness to take calculated risks. He has a bias toward thoughtful action. He is strategic yet tactical – he has a vision and is able to execute. He is decisive yet inclusive. In all situations, Jonathan has exceeded my expectations.
    Hon. Michael Yabsley
    Chairman, Australia Gulf Council, ex NSW Minister of State for State Development, Tourism & Corrective Services, ex Federal Treasurer of Liberal Party of Australia
  • In my career, I have dealt with and/or done business with a considerable number of persons … Many were ordinary, some were good, but only a few were truly excellent; Jonathan Herps is one of these few truly excellent people. He is a very enthusiastic, extremely articulate, numerate and truly dedicated professional. He is an excellent team player and a first rate business man of the highest standing.
    Chris Slims
    Former CEO of Aldar Properties and Naseej BSC
  • The secret to success is that there really are no secrets. However, there is certainly a framework and Jonathan has spent a lifetime studying just this. Not only can Jonathan help you build the right team, but he will also keep you honest on the journey from strategy to execution – ensuring you build healthy and repeatable rhythms to profitably scale your business. Along the way, he is sure to become an insightful colleague, an experienced ear and cohort you can depend on when you most need sage counsel. I’d cheerfully recommend his team to yours.”
    Andre Wyzenbeek
    Managing Director, John Morris Scientific
  • In every case, Jonathan met his Highness’ expectation of exemplary ethical behaviour and world-class business standards.
    Eyhab Jumean
    Chief Executive Officer, Abu Dhabi Capital and SBK Holdings
  • Jonathan is both grounded and visionary with an energy that provides those around him with inspiration and confidence. He has a naturally innovative “DNA” which is highly complementary to his strategic development capabilities. One can be assured of timely and well-rounded delivery from him together with superb relationship management skills.
    Nicola Pero
  • Jonathan is a regular speaker and panel participant in our conferences in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and Asia. His inputs to these sessions are always highly intellectual, visionary and thought-provoking – which is no surprise that he is widely and highly respected within the industry.
    Saudin Dungog-Noddings
    Conferences Manager – Cityscape, IIR Middle East

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